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GE to deliver 100 locomotives to the South-African Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) operator

03-17-2010 13:12

GE Transportation has signed a contract with Transnet Limited, the state holding which owns the South-African Transnet Freight Rail (TFR) operator, for the delivery of 100 diesel-electric locomotives.
TFR is the state-owned operator dealing with railway freight transport and shipping. 10 locomotives will be manufactured in the Erie and Grove City facility in the USA, the other 90 vehicles being manufactured at the group's factory in South Africa, GE South-Africa Transportation (GESAT).
The American manufacturer will deliver the C30ACi type, the first such locomotive on the South African market. GE has also delivered diesel locomotives. The locomotives will mainly transport charcoal, the first vehicle being available at the beginning of 2011.

Source: www.getransportation.com

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A unique signalling system for Europe

04-09-2010 13:27

A unique signalling system for Europe

“The long way towards an interoperable railway system”

In the beginning of the '90s, the European railway industry with support from the EU institutions engaged in creating a common railway signalling system. Over time, ETMS emerged as one of the most successful European industrial projects and is now on its way to making railway transport one of the most competitive transport modes.

Although railway transport is, by far, the safest, fastest and lowest CO2-emission mode of transport, it is, however, confronted with one of the most striving problems, that of cross-border traffic which is complex and difficult to manage and most of the times affects the competitiveness of this means of transport. Cross-border traffic is doubled by the differences of gauge, electrification systems, administrative procedures, that make interoperability difficult and increase operation costs.

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